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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Gil Evans "Hidden Treasures Vol. 1 Monday Nights"

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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Gil Evans Orchestra

The Orginal Gil Evans Arrangement! 21 Pieces! 

"The Meaning of the Blues"



Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Grammy Winning

Gil Evans Project!

2 Albums released!

"Centennial" and "Lines

of Color".

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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

The Gil Evans Archive!
Gil Evans Lee Konitz Interview samples!
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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Gil Evans on NPR

Essential Jazz Arranger, At 100!


Great Interview!

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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Search for Gil Evans Music related Materials

A comprehensive effort is underway to compile a complete and accurate archive of the music and music-related materials of the late jazz orchestrator, composer-arranger Gil Evans.

We greatly appreciate your help in assembling relevant material, ie, Music, Audio, Video, Photos, Correspondence and other Mementos.

If you have info on any related Gil Materials?

Please contact the Gil Evans Estate:


Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Gil Evans “Out of the Cool”


His Life and Music

By: Stephanie Stein Crease

Winner of the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award.

The life (1912–1988) and career of Gil Evans paralleled and often foreshadowed the quickly changing world of jazz through the 20th century. Gil Evans: Out of the Cool is the comprehensive biography of a self-taught musician whom colleagues often regarded as a mentor. His innovative work as a composer, arranger, and bandleader—for Miles Davis, with whom he frequently collaborated over the course of four decades, and for his own ensembles—places him alongside Duke Ellington and Aaron Copland as one of the giants of American music.

Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Our Discography Page is Incomplete.
Please go to Laurent/Jean-Pierre Gil website for most detailed Discography! Session Listing!
Musician list!

Our Photo Gallery will increase over time.

If you wish to add a photo to GilEvans.com
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Welcome to Gil Evans.com

Gil Evans Memorial was Easter Sunday April 3rd 1988.

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  Gil Evans Bio

Gil Evans wrote and arranged some of 
the best albums for Miles Davis:
"Miles Ahead", "Porgy and Bess",
"Sketches of Spain".
He influenced some of the greatest
musical minds in many genres of

Gil was underpaid and often over
looked because he was totally
immersed in the music! His love and
passion for music was all consuming.
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Gil Evans Video

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Gil Evans Bio

Sketches of Gil Ep3 Seg 3 of 3
Sketches of Gil Ep3 Seg 2 of 3
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